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Port Moody

Port Moody, “The City of the Arts”, is a modern, urban community, located within the Metro Vancouver region. Covering 26 square KMs with a population of 33,000. Connected by rapid transit, rail, major highways, and a deep-sea port, its located only a 45-minute drive from two international airports and the Canada-U.S. border. In close proximity is Simon Fraser University and Douglas College’s David Lam Campus.

The early history in Port Moody was dominated by two events: the 1858 gold rush in the Fraser Valley and the 1886 arrival of the first transcontinental train. Port Moody was named after Col. Richard Moody, a Commander of the Royal Engineers, in 1859

Some of the Royal Engineers received land grants. One of them was John Murray, who eventually owned about half of the town. His son, also named John, later was responsible for many street names – Murray, John, George, William, Henry, Jane, Mary, etc. The main thoroughfare, St. John Street, is a misnomer from “St.” in front of, instead of behind, “John”.

The first passenger train from Montreal arrived in Port Moody at noon on July 4, 1886, with about 150 passengers after a 139-hour, (4,655 km) trip. This was to be the western terminus for the Canadian Pacific Railway, the transcontinental line promised in 1871 by Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, to entice British Columbia into Confederation. Unfortunately, the terminus later moved to Vancouver, dampening Port Moody’s expansion for awhile.

We first started treating the roads in Port Moody with our non-Herbicide, Western Heat System in 2001. Currently we treat over 60 KM of roadways throughout the growing season.

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