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Western Heat System

  • Non-herbicide vegetation control for hard and soft surfaces; roads, sidewalks, islands, all weather fields, pavers, pathways and riparian areas

Invasive / Noxious Plant Management

  • Identification and control of invasive species through herbicide applications or a removal, dependant on our recommended treatment plan for the area

Vegetation Control

  • Safe and effective herbicide vegetation control via site specific application methods
  • Includes vegetation control at railways, spur lines, sidings and railyards

Additional Services

  • Manual slashing and removal of vegetation
  • Roof vegetation control

Western Weed Control Invasive / Noxious Plant Management

We are experts in keeping your property safe and free of invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed. We also ensure to follow the proper maintenance plan that works for you, your budget and your long term needs. Call us for more information today!


Are you experiencing problems with Japanese Knotweed?

Learn more about how to identify Japanese Knotweed below. Call us for help or to get removal started today!

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