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Doing all the right things right...since 1980!

As Vegetation and integrated property management specialists, we bring solutions that help you manage and maintain your property now, and in the future.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is highly invasive and destructive plant species. Controlling knotweed is challenging, and it requires a professional approach. As vegetation management experts with decades of experience handling knotweed and invasive species problems, we offer effective solutions to eradicate them. Learn more about how we can help.

Integrated Property Management Specialists

Inside WWC

Western Weed Control (WWC) and its management staff are THE experts in all facets of Vegetation Control,  Landscape Installation and Maintenance, Property Management and Consulting Solutions. If it’s outside, we can deal with it!

The management staff have over 100 years of cumulative experience. One key innovation has been the development of a non-herbicide control method. It combines the best of several approaches to deliver the most complete and expedient non-herbicide vegetation control.

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Number of weeds eradicated

Using our environmentally friendly process, we have been solving vegetation issues for 39 years.


Tons of pesticide unused

The Western Heat System does not use environmentally damaging chemicals.


Total satisfied clients

We provide solutions for our clients and then help them acheive their property goals.

Western Weed Control has been providing excellent weed control services to Pitt Meadows for 15 years. The hot water process is transparent, environmentally friendly, and the only thing we notice is absolutely no weed growth in application areas. This problem is removed with no effort from our staff. We do not have to scrape, trim, remove and dispose of any unsightly weeds. Our boulevards look neat and tidy all season long, year after year. WWC is very professional, prompt, and courteous. They also provide help and assistance for Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, and advice on any other strange species that come our way. They are specialists in their field and I would highly recommend them for any weed issues your organization is having to deal with.

Randy EvansCity of Pitt Meadows - Assistant Manager of Parks and Operations / Health and Safety Officer

Western Weed Control has consistently provided prompt and efficient vegetation growth control for Western Stevedoring for 14 years. Their hot water Western Heat System provides an effective and environmentally sound vegetation control method for our waterfront location. Western Weed Control also provides tree removal, hedge trimming and growth slashing works at our facilities. We can rely on WWC to schedule and perform these services with minimal supervision requirements from us. I have no hesitation in recommending Western Weed Control to properly deal with exterior growth control and vegetation management concerns.

Scott BrownWestern Stevedoring

Transforce Transportation and Logistics

In 2005, Transforce needed help with vegetation control on their 25 acre property in Burnaby, BC. Other contractors had come and gone, but we provided Transforce with a long term control and maintenance plan that has grown into full service integrated property management.

How we did it

Western Stevedoring

In 2004, Western Stevedoring asked us to accomplish some large vegetation removal including a 500 foot hedge. Now we maintain their 160 acre property with our non-herbicide weed control program.

How we did it

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

In order to comply with Federal regulations, YVR must maintain its 2800 acre facility, including full control over all onsite vegetation. Passengers from all over the world rely on the performance of the airport each and every day, and the YVR relies on us to control their vegetation.

How we did it

Cullen Diesel Power Ltd

A customer for over 20 years, formerly Detroit Diesel, we maintain their 9-acre facility in Port Kells, BC. We have provided a multitude of services including, installing fencing, lighting and security upgrades.

How we did it

Metro Vancouver

Formerly the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), Metro Vancouver takes care of 2,877 square KMs in the lower mainland. Through individual contracts, bids and Standing Orders WWC has been a part of the work Metro Vancouver does for over 25 years.

How we did it

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