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Western Stevedoring

Business Type: ship loading and logistics
Location: 160-acre site in the Port of Vancouver

Western Weed Control has consistently provided prompt and efficient vegetation growth control for Western Stevedoring for 14 years. Their hot water Western Heat System provides an effective and environmentally sound vegetation control method for our waterfront location. Western Weed Control also provides tree removal, hedge trimming and growth slashing works at our facilities. We can rely on WWC to schedule and perform these services with minimal supervision requirements from us. I have no hesitation in recommending Western Weed Control to properly deal with exterior growth control and vegetation management concerns.

Scott BrownWestern Stevedoring

We started in 2004 by doing a very large vegetation slash of some overgrown parts of the site. Happy with our performance, the client has continued to use us for all their outdoor concerns including:

  • Multiple tree removal and brush clearing on a large rough area
  • Removal of a 500′ long, 15′ tall cedar hedge
  • Multiple pruning of a 900′ hedge
  • Multiple dangerous tree removals
  • Multiple brush removals
  • Lawn installation
  • Site clean up
  • Our non-herbicide weed control program yearly since 2006 for vegetation control on site
  • Invasive Plant Control
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