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Japanese Knotweed Treatment

A treatment program for Japanese knotweed involves a methodical approach of carefully managed visits, where herbicides are applied to the target plants. With sustained applications, the herbicide can exhaust the plant, bringing it under effective control and preventing its further spread.

Our approach is designed to minimize disruption to your property or business operations, while effectively managing the knotweed problem. Regular monitoring of the treatment progress is done to ensure the best results, and we’ll make any necessary adjustments to the program along the way.

Japanese Knotweed Removal

When time constraints exist or the ground is to be disturbed, removal may be the ideal solution for Japanese knotweed control. We offer proven, eco-innovative remediation strategies for residential and commercial properties, tailored to your specific needs.

Our removal services are designed to eliminate the knotweed problem quickly and effectively, ensuring that it doesn’t cause further damage or spread to other areas. We understand that delays to building projects can be costly, which is why we work efficiently to meet construction schedules without causing any setbacks.

Survey & Management Plans

If you suspect that your property may be affected by Japanese knotweed, we provide a thorough Japanese knotweed survey service for municipal, commercial, or residential properties. Our expert surveys will find and record any visible signs of Japanese knotweed on or affecting the property. If we do find Japanese knotweed on your property, we can develop a customized management plan to help you control and eradicate this invasive species.

Ready for Help?

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