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Business Type: Transportation and Logistics
Location: 25-acre trucking logistics centre in Burnaby

We started in 2005 providing vegetation control on a 30′ high asphalt retaining wall. Control was required to prevent plants from degrading the asphalt and leading to a collapse of the wall.

At that time, there was multiple contractors providing services to this site. As performance issues arose with the other contractors, TransForce asked us if we would provide more services.

We now provide:

  • All the vegetation control – fence lines, the asphalt wall, building lines and yards.
  • Landscape maintenance – pruning, spring clean up, lawn mowing, edging
  • Tree work – trimming, removal of dangerous trees
  • Litter clean up – entire site bi weekly and large debris removal (from illegal dumping)
  • Drainage clearing – ditches and sump
  • Emergency services for storm downfall
  • General maintenance – site clean up, concrete barrier movement, power pole realignment
  • Invasive Plant Control
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