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Project Overview

Drake Excavating Ltd.

12900 87 Ave, Surrey BC

Date of Removal
March 7th-8th, 2024

Project Scope
Dig & Dump

Drake Excavating Ltd.

Excavation of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed was identified on the south property line of 12900 87 Ave, Surrey, BC, posing a threat to the local ecology and ongoing construction activities for Drake Excavating Ltd (Drake). To mitigate this risk, a full removal of the knotweed, covering approximately 100m², was deemed necessary, considering the time constraints associated with the construction project.

Western Weed Control (WWC) promptly began creating a management plan to commence the project as soon as possible. Present on-site were WWC’s vegetation control experts, tasked with conducting the project, along with an excavator operator, and dump trucks. The team employed a comprehensive approach to ensure eradication, involving the excavation of rhizomes (roots) up to 3 meters deep underground. Due to unfavorable soil conditions, including the presence of heavy materials and debris, approximately 343.62 metric tonnes of material was carefully removed from the site via dump truck to a disposal facility.

The project was successfully carried out over a period of two days, with a strong focus on safety and environmental responsibility. Overall, the effective removal of the Japanese knotweed by WWC prevented future spread in the area and allowed Drake to proceed with the construction project.

Services Provided

  • Japanese Knotweed site consultation and management plan
  • Excavation of Japanese Knotweed soils under controlled conditions
  • Plant and rhizome disposal via dump truck to a suitably licensed facility
  • Site and equipment sanitation to prevent plant spread prior to project completion
  • 2 year service guarantee