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Project Overview

The City of Maple Ridge

Abernathy between 224th and 227th Street

Date of Removal
May 16th, 2024

Project Scope
Knotweed Dig & Dump

The City of Maple Ridge

Project Scope

Japanese Knotweed was discovered along Abernathy between 224th and 227th Street Maple Ridge. This posed a threat to the local ecology and infrastructure plans for the City of Maple Ridge. To mitigate this risk, a full removal was deemed necessary, given time constraints associated with the project. The plant was present along the North fence line, measuring approximately 10m² of Japanese knotweed.

Western Weed Control (WWC) promptly began creating a management plan to commence the removal. The WWC team of vegetation control experts and an excavator operator were present on site for the removal of the infested areas. A total of approximately 10 tonnes of excavated material was carefully removed to a disposal facility.

The project was carried out with a strong focus on safety and environmental responsibility. Overall, the effective removal of the Japanese Knotweed infestation by WWC, prevented future spread in the area and allowed the City of Maple Ridge to carry out the completion of their construction project.

Services Provided

  • Japanese Knotweed site consultation and management plan
  • Excavation of Japanese Knotweed soils under controlled conditions
  • Plant and rhizome disposal to a suitably licensed facility
  • Site and equipment sanitation to prevent plant spread prior to project completion



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