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Sorry, its not that simple anymore. I will try and explain the ins and out of the regulations.

The Provincial government allows us, as a license contractor, to spray anywhere if we comply with the provincial regulations, that are derived from the Provincial Pesticide Act. However, individual Municipal can enact bylaws that restrict the provincial regulations for residential property, but only for residential property. This is generally called a “Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw”. Municipalities cannot limit commercial, industrial, rail, forestry etc. applications. Invasive plant control on residential property is not generally considered cosmetic.

Almost all lower mainland municipalities have a cosmetic pesticide bylaw. Some over state what they can control, but they all state, in some way, that we can’t spray your weeds at your house. They do talk about “excluded or permitted pesticides” but before you get your hopes up, there is nothing on that list that will kill just the weeds and not your grass also.

There are exceptions to the bylaws, if you’re in the ALR, a farm, commercially zoned, or the situation will cause you dire financial hardship or loss. Most people don’t fit into one of these.

What to do? Most municipalities have very good information on “green” lawn care or check the web. It does work. It will take time and some work. I know, in the 23 years I’ve been in this industry I’ve only sprayed my lawn twice, way back in the beginning, and I didn’t even have to pay to get it done.